VMware Extends SD‑WAN to Operational Tech

Today announced it is delivering new and enhanced remote worker/device connectivity and intelligent wireless capabilities to its SD-WAN and SASE customers. Relatedly, VMware announced an expanded collaboration with Intel to deliver new edge appliances featuring 5G connectivity allowing support for additional SD-WAN use cases involving mobile review film and IOT devices.

VMware SD-WAN Offers Customers Greater Flexibility and Enhanced Performance

By building a unique virtual overlay network on top of underlying transport(s), VMware SD-WAN enhances application reliability by responding to wireless or wired network issues in milliseconds, which is a requirement in today’s environment of Over The Top applications. Further, VMware SD-WAN and SASE support a wide range of transport services including LTE/3G, satellite transport and wired transport options like MPLS and broadband allowing for greater flexibility in WAN connectivity.

With VMware SD-WAN, customers can more confidently use any of these transport services as real world tests have shown VMware SD-WAN can provide more than 40% improvement in QoE for voice and video applications when using satellite and cellular(1). In addition to delivering higher application quality, the platform enables higher network utilization through adaptive thresholds designed from real-world learnings from more than 100,000 cellular and satellite connections in use today by VMware customers.

These enhancements set the direction for management plane APIs and AIOps integration with 5G carrier platforms to support advanced service customizations using network slicing and RIC integration, allowing service providers to better address the WAN demands of enterprises. The combination of APIs, AIOps, and network slicing will enable enterprises to benefit from better economics, service provisioning, and service management. Additionally, VMware SD-WAN and SASE will enhance connectivity, compute, and intelligence in rapidly evolving edge use cases with the help of VMware Private Mobile Network.

Momentum Builds for VMware SD-WAN Client

Following the introduction of the VMware SD-WAN Client at VMware Explore 2022 Europe, VMware today announced it is inviting select customers and partners, including Nature Fresh Farms, Coevolve and Presidio, respectively, to thoroughly evaluate the SD-WAN Client across numerous use cases. The client will help provide consistent connectivity, performance, and security capabilities to remote workers on the road or IOT devices deployed in remote locations. The VMware SD-WAN Client is expected to be available in VMware’s Q1 FY24.