This software will keep your office’s spirit alive

Workplaces can function while getting the bare minimum done. However, they excel when completing assignments and filling quotas isn’t enough. So, when teams of workers are engaged and passionate about their work, the companies they comprise tend to thrive. In fact, The New York Times found that employees who are passionate and feel purpose at work are three times more likely to stay at their free robux no verifications current job than those who don’t.

For team leaders seeking a challenge and growth in the office, this all might feel somewhat obvious to you, in which case you’re probably asking, “Well, how do you inspire passion in your workers?” And the answers are plentiful. To defer to a team of verifiable experts, consider signing up for a demo with Motivosity — a modern employee engagement software platform designed to help employees feel seen, heard, and appreciated in the office, whether it’s in-person or remote.

Building off the touchstones of gratitude, positivity, and respect, Motivosity offers a four-pronged approach to creating a more active and engaged employee base at any company. Connect, Recognize, Lead, and Listen are the main products of this system, and each area includes specially curated features and tools that help employers work better with their teams.

For example, the Listen product features tools like anonymous eNPS surveys, tracking, and report dashboards for effectively organizing your team’s feedback. Recognize offers company-specific social feeds with peer-to-peer recognition features to make individuals feel celebrated and through which to funnel various rewards.