A single Vape Session can damage the immune cells in the body

But there had been little research on the short-term health effects of vaping. Middlekauff then worked with a team that recruited 32 healthy young adults for a study. Most of these people were between 20 and 20 years old.

Within the group, about a third had smoked conventional cigarettes for more than a year. Another third had used cigarettes – vaporized – for at least a year. A third group had not used any of the nicotine products. Each recruit came to the research lab on two separate days.

One day, the participant snorted a cigarette. On the second visit, they pulled out an empty straw. (It was the control: they made the same movements as the vape but did not inhale the chemicals.) The randomly assigned team as a visit of each person would be a control session or viried. At each visit, the research team also collected blood samples.Free radicals can attack germs, for example.