Optimize Your Posts for Search

Optimizing your blog posts for online search (also known as search engine optimization or SEO) means adding signals that tell search engines what your post is about. When search engines read these signals, they can direct relevant traffic to your website.

Adding keywords in the right places optimizes your blog post for search. The main keyword that you select should be found in the post’s title, at least one heading and once or twice in the body of the blog posts. Secondary keywords should appear in headings and the body of the post. When you include these keyword in your post, they should appear as naturally as possible. Do not add keywords randomly or in sentences where they don’t fit organically; this is known as “keyword stuffing” and signals to search engines that your site is not trustworthy.

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The written post isn’t the only place where you should use keywords. They should also be appear in the:

URL of your post
Blog post title
Image names
Image descriptions
Meta-description of your post’s content

By optimizing all these places, you send multiple signals to search engines and make it easier for them to direct customers to your blog.

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