Hair Removal Invests Money in Permanent Hair Removal!

I think I have no choice but to get medical help when it comes to having a lot of hair. I can’t do anything myself, and since I was born as a woman, I have no choice but to divide it as a necessary expense for my life. .. ..

In my case, I’ve been suffering from wasted hair since I first remembered it. Not only the arms, legs, and armpits, but also the face, back, and abdomen, all over the body are covered with thick waste hair.
I started self-treatment of unwanted hair when I was in the upper grades of elementary school. I used to treat it frequently with razors, tweezers, and household hair removers.

When I became a member of society and was able to spend a certain amount of money on my own, I began to remove hair with a hair removal beauty treatment salon. At first, I had my arms and legs exposed, and then my armpits had my hair removed. I think it was about 200,000 yen for a two-year contract. I remember feeling lighter when I didn’t have to self-treat and my hair didn’t thicken.

However, even when the original contract expired, my thick waste hair did not disappear. The beauty salon staff said, “If you don’t continue for about two years, you won’t get rid of waste hair, so continue your contract.” In addition, I was advised to remove hair from almost the entire body, including the abdomen, VIO, back, nape, and face.

What I didn’t like was that even though the initial expense of 200,000 yen was quite painful, I was encouraged to continue the contract and even contract for another part, and of course I thought that it would cost more and more. , That wasn’t the only thing. The beauty salon staff clearly said, “You should also remove hair from other areas. Your unwanted hair is really thick and pitiful.” For women, the problem of unwanted hair is very delicate, and I think that if possible, I don’t want to show it to anyone or consult with them. Even so, even though it was a business, I was clearly pointed out about the unwanted hair that I had been worried about for many years, and I was so embarrassed that I was so shocked that I would start crying on the spot. Naturally, I haven’t been to the beauty salon since then. Recently, the number of beauty salons that do not solicit has increased, but I would like the salon staff to have delicacy and deal with customers.

After this experience, hair removal must be medical hair removal! So I decided to go to Ikebukuro and undergo permanent hair removal. This is effective! After all, it is just permanent hair removal, and the hair removal effect is completely different. Even in Ikebukuro, there are quite a lot of hair removal salons since that time, and I think that is still the case. However, I would like you to know the difference from the clinic and choose the correct one. See: Permanent Hair Removal
There was a review of armpit hair removal at the Shonan Cosmetic Surgery Clinic on the above site, and I think you can feel the effect from the first time!
I don’t think this is something that a salon will ever have.