Stick to moisturizing and spend money!

I have been using Dr.Ci:Labo gel since my 20s, but as I get older, I start to suffer from dry skin. In winter and at the turn of the season, when I woke up in the morning and headed to the mirror, my face was dry … Even if I applied the foundation, it gave me a disappointing impression.
At that time, when I went home and had dinner, my mother talked about dry skin, and she said, “Wait a minute,” and headed to the bedroom. When I returned to the sprint after smoothing out my slippers and slippers, he handed me a spray-type lotion, saying, “Try this.” That is Ajinomoto Gino.

Ajinomoto Gino was developed by utilizing the know-how of research and development of amino acids, and approaches the function of amino acids that regulate the water content of the skin, and is effective for skin problems such as dry skin. Collagen, which is necessary for skin firmness, is also an amino acid, so it is also popular as an aging care product.
It was an introduction from my mother who rarely makes up, so what about this at first? I was skeptical about it, but the moment I actually pushed 1.2 lightly after taking a bath, I was surprised to find that it was absorbed into my skin. Also, the next morning after using Gino, my skin wasn’t dry and stretched, and I was surprised twice because it kept my skin moisturized. Since then, I have been using Gino regularly when I feel dry.
My husband also has dry skin, so in the dry winter, he moisturizes with Gino. It has almost no odor, so it is also recommended for men.

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