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Unbelievable: Read what area boys did to 23-yr-old girl before Raping with her

Judith (not real name) is recuperating with heavy dosage of antibiotics, after surviving one of the worst sexual attacks in Lagos in recent times. The incident that sent her to the emergency ward, took place around 10pm on Sunday, August 28 at 106, Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, around Pako Bus Stop,Punch reports.

Judith’s aunty, a trader in the area, said Judith had come to her stall around 9pm that day to collect some money and left around 9.30pm because she had been sick. But to her surprise when she got home, she was told Judith had not been seen.

Her two brothers went in search of her. One of her brothers explained that when he found Judith, he could not believe his eyes. Her slippers were all torn, the dress she was wearing was heavy with blood. She was unsteady on her feet. She could hardly stand up.

He said:

“She said some men grabbed her as she crossed the expressway and r.aped her. Two men now came out of the front of the house, number 106, where I found her. One asked me what I was shouting about. He said, ‘Because she was ra.ped, is that why you will not let people ‘hear word’? .

Is she the first person that will be r.aped here? After all, I gave her Igbo (hemp) and she took it.’ I was shocked. My sister said they forced her to take the Indian hemp three times and two of them raped her on a chair in front of a shop.”.

The two men who allegedly r.aped her were later identified as Wasiu and Monaco, while the one who boasted of giving her the Indian hemp, was identified as Olanrewaju Osinubi. Wasiu and Monaco are currently on the run.

However, Judith’s family alleged that they became bystanders as soon as her case got to the police station, as the case was hijacked by Osinubi and his lawyer. They’re surprised when the police charged Osinubi to court on Friday, September 2, 2016 for simply obstructing police work.

According to them, the police have not shown any sympathy for Judith in handling the case and they fear she might never get any justice.

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