How To Choose The Right Wine

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As one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world, wine is known and loved in every part of the globe. It doesn’t matter if you prefer having a glass of wine with each meal or only drink wine on special occasions, knowing how to pick wine is essential for every modern adult. Check out some helpful tips on how to shop for wine, and buy high quality wine and other food products on Jiji ( foodstuff) to save money and timeon shopping from the top sellers in Nigeria.

What are you pairing it with?

One of the most important parameters of choosing drinks is the foods you’re serving with them. In case with wine, the classic solution is to pair lighter wines with light foods like lean meats and creamy sauces, while full-bodied wines go perfectly with red meat, tomato-based sauces, and other bolder meals. If you’re still feeling lost, remember the good old rule of thumb: white wine is best served with chicken, fish and seafood, and pork, while red wine perfectly matches beef and game. In case you’re choosing wine for rather spicy foods, go for sweeter ones.

Where does your wine come from?

Of course, no one expects you to be the expert and know how wine from one region in Chile differs from a nearby one. However, knowing the location of the best wines in the world will help you make the right decision. Generally, European wines are considered to be the most reputable in terms of taste and quality. For example, an Italian or French bottle of wine is always a safe bet when you’re struggling to choose. There are also excellent South American and African wines, which means your local winery can turn out to produce great wines.

What kind of wine do you want?

Although there are hundreds of different types of wines, there are only a few basic groups that anyone can effortlessly learn. Here they are:

● Riesling – a white wine that belongs to the sweeter ones.

● Pinot Noir – a rather strong red wine, but not the richest one.

● Chardonnay – a mild white wine that goes perfectly with chicken.

● Merlot – one of the lightest red wines available today.

● Cabernet Sauvignon – a full-bodied red wine that is ideal with beef and game.

● Sauvignon Blanc – light white wine, perfect for hot summer days and serving with seafood.

It’s worth mentioning that no matter how definitive any wine guide is, you’ll never be able to find your favorite until you’ve tried them all. Make sure to make notes when you try a new kind of wine, and after some time you’ll become a true wine expert!

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