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Must Read : See how this Man survived inside the stomach of a Big whale

The story of a 56-year-old fisherman named Luigi Marquez that survived in the belly of a whale is making rounds around the world. While some believe it is a miracle and described the man as modern day Jonah of the Bible, others are skeptical of the story.

is the modern day Jonah of the Bible. The story of this fisherman is unbelievable! When everyone thought he was dead, he came back alive!
Marquez had gone to the sea on that fateful day and had disappeared for three days after a great storm at the sea. His wife Penelope prayed hard for God to save her husband and return him home safe and sound, she never lost hope of his rescue, she eventually received her miracle.

Marquez went missing and after three days of his disappearance, he miraculously reappeared and narrated his ordeal.
According to Marquez, he had a great encounter in the sea after his vessel capsized due to the great tempest. He said a gigantic whale approached him and swallowed up just like the Biblical Johan. Inside the fish’s belly was an awful smell and rotten pieces of fish.

The guy had on a waterproof wristwatch which he used to keep track of time, he also had a small flashlight. He ate raw fish from the monster’s guts in order to stay alive.

Later on, when the beast had to obviously get rid of Marquez by vomiting him since he refused to digest, he turned his pants into a life-saving vest to stay afloat and hope for timely rescue.

After the fisherman was rescued, he had to do some thorough washing to get rid of the stench from the fish’s gut.

Marine scientists say this is not a strange story as it happens often time. Last year two divers were swallowed by a blue whale, but the beast spat them out right away. Blue whales are huge and can easily swallow up a person.

Nonetheless, Marquez is very lucky to survive and extremely happy too. He never gave up on life and hung on there for 3 days. Thank God for him.

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