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See Facebook Group Where Nigerian Girls Share Their N.aked Pictures For N30k

We were shocked to our bones when the news was sent to us that some Nigerian ladies are uploading their nudes in a Facebook Group for a competition price of N30,000.

The Facebook page is allegedly owned and sponsored by a Nigerian guy who is based in Malaysia. He put up a competition where he Invited ladies to upload their n.ude photos, and whoever has the highest likes wins N30,000. The exclusive photos sent to us shows some of the contestants who participated in the pathetic competition.


The alleged owner of the Group.

Apparently, our snitch who was a part of the group claimed many Girls partook in the competition.. and the unfortunate thing is, the owner of the Facebook Group used their n.ude picture to blackmail the girls.

See the photos of some nu.des Nigerian girls shared in the group.. We had to censor their names and photos of course.


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