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Boyfriend Snatcher!!! See How Female Banker Was Publicly Humiliated as Two Ladies Splashed Flour & Oil on Her

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A suspected bank employee was humiliated after an encounter with two unidentified women who splashed flour and oil on +her.

The victim, Natasha (Photo: H-metro)
Two unidentified women has publicly humilated a bank employee after they splashed flour and oil on her and alleged that she was dating one of the women’s man.
The victim identified as Natasha Nguzha, who is believed to work in the insurance department at Beverly Court in Zimbabwe, was captured in the video circulating on social media being splashed with flour and oil.
The victim being baptized with flour by her attackers
H-Metro reported that the receptionist at Natasha’s workplace who had appeared reluctant to say anything about the incident, later disclosed that the incident took place, and claimed she is the one who later drove Natasha home after the incident.
“This incident has affected Natasha badly because she is now thinking of quitting her job and right now she is not reporting for work,” said the receptionist.
The victim being doused with oil by her attackers
The video also shows Natasha trying to explain herself before being baptised with oil and flour. When Natasha was getting away from them, a male voice could be heard saying “hazvisati zvakwana”.
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