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See the Shocking Way a Man Allegedly Found Out His Ex-Girlfriend is HIV Positive (Photo)

A Nigerian man left many people baffled after he revealed the baffling manner how he found out that his ex-girlfriend is HIV-positive.

Rapino Tha Godd
A Nigerian man has caused ruckus online after revealing that he found out that his ex-girlfriend is HIV-positive after he checked her phone to discover she was actually searching online for where to buy anti-retro-viral drugs.
He said that he has not been in the best of moods since the discovery as he has opted to visit a doctor so as to confirm his status.
The man identified as Rapino Tha Godd wrote: “I checked my now ex-Girlfriend phone and discovered she’s searching where to buy ARVs, anti-retro-viral drug (H.I.V drugs) on google. wtf!!!. Now i have to visit a lab to do H.I.V test….
I hope it’s negative..
Pray for me!!!
Serious Issue!!!”
However, after the post went public, he has come out to deny it that it was a publicity stunt. Some people still do not believe it is a publicity stunt as they believe he is trying to save face since the story went viral. Others said he is just another cheap attention seeker.

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