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#BBN MUST WATCH : See the Weird Kiss Between Housemates that Got People Talking

At the end of the Big Brother Nigeria reality show, the strong memories that will linger in the minds of viewers will certainly not be far from the amoral scenes that have flooded the internet.

Kemen and Marvis in the scary act of romance
During one of the numerous kissing sessions, Big Brother Naija housemate, Kemen (male) was locked in an intimate kiss with his female counterpart, Marvis during which the latter was almost swallowed in an act that could have been simply romantic rather than dangerous.
This kiss has been likened to rare supernatural scenes on the Vampire Diaries, an American TV series. It should be noted that other housemates like Ese have complained about Kemen’s dreaded big mouth which is regularly engaged with the lips of others.
In the picture seen above, Kemen was ridiculously on the verge of swallowing Marvis’s nose and going for her glasses which could have choked her.
Social media users have treated the picture with hilarity as it has become an object of hilarious memes.
Kemen endangering another housemate, Bisola with a kiss
A social media user has this to say about the first picture:

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