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See the Type of Kisses that Will Make Any Woman Wet for You


The act of kissing is an integral part of romance that shouldn’t be handled with levity if the man who is the major initiator of romance is ready to get goals.

 Kissing is not just a foreplay move. It is a way to connect with your partner. It is a promise of what she can expect in the bedroom. So, if you kiss her right, you are already halfway towards taking her to sexual bliss.

If you would like to get her into bed, make sure you focus on these three kinds of kisses:

(1) The ‘Gotta have you’ kiss:
This is when you put your mouth on hers in a desperate, passionate and urgent way. You kiss her like you cannot wait to have her in bed. The kiss is anything but tender. It is fast, rough, and leaves you both panting for air. This kiss will make her feel wanted. It will make her feel like the sexiest woman in the world. She will feel desired and even make her want you even more.

(2) The slow, encouraging kiss:

This move is a bit more gentle. You caress her with your mouth. You warm her heart the way you gently move your mouth against hers. Your start slow and give her a chance to lead the way. This kind of kiss is great if you feel your woman is hesitant. This way, she feels comfortable and you are giving her a chance to catch up.

The tease kiss:

Just because you are the guy does not mean you cannot be a tease. If in public, give her a quick peck on the lips from time to time. To steam things up, when pecking her sometimes, hold that pose for like two seconds before moving away again. She will wonder if you intend to continue the kiss, she will anticipate you actually giving her the real deal.

This anticipation will heighten her arousal so when you do finally get to the nitty gritty (see types 1 and 2 above) she will be more than ready to let you have you way. Plus, if you tease her right, she can take matters in her hands, grab you and plant a hard one on you, which can be mega-hot.

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