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At 15-Years-Old, He Weighed 707 Pounds – See What He Looks Like Today…

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Jacob Miller was a BIG bouncing baby boy – his parents thought it was just puppy fat but he just GREW and GREW. When baby Jacob was just ONE- YEAR – OLD he weighed FIFTY TWO POUNDS! Doctors were left BAFFLED by the little boy’s weight gain and blamed it on a hormone imbalance.

Baby Jacob’s weight became OUT OF CONTROL…

Jacob Miller

As Jacob grew into a teenager he became a BIG boy too! By the time Jacob was FIFTEEN YEARS OLD he weighed 715 POUNDS on his 6’5″ FRAME! Jacob suffered both emotionally and physically suffering from diabetes, heart problems and liver disease.

Enough was enough and Jacob needed a change…


Realizing that his weight was killing him, Jacob and his parents set out on a mission to get him healthy.

Teaming up with medical professionals from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Jacob and his parents begged for professional help…

jacob miller

Jacob’s parents suspected from the earliest years of his life that there was an underlying problem causing his immense weight gain.

Over the course of Jacob’s childhood, he saw many doctors who believed that he had some kind of hormonal condition in his brain…

jacob miller

As a last resort, Jacob, his family and the doctors at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center  decided that gastric bypass surgery was their only option to buy more time for research into Jacob’s condition.

Before surgery, Jacob suffered from diabetes, sleep apnea, cellulitis on his legs, heart disease and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, all because he was overweight…

Jacob Miller

Jacob’s pediatric surgeon at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Dr. Tom Inge, said simply, “Bodies aren’t built to hold this much weight,” and so surgery became the best option to give Jacob a chance at turning his life around.

Jacob followed a restrictive diet in the weeks leading up to surgery and managed to lose 77 pounds, proving to everyone around him that he was very serious about making a positive and lasting change in his life…

Jacob Miller

Jacob and his parents were realistic about the role that surgery would have in Jacob’s journey to lose weight. All three recognized that hard work would absolutely be required to get Jacob to a healthy weight.

The surgery was just a stepping stone to help him along the way…

Jacob Miller

His mother said, “I don’t think it’s the fix-all, cure-all, but at least it’s going to slow him down enough to maybe give us some time to do some more research to figure out what is causing his growth.” His father admitted that the surgery scared him a bit, but ultimately realized that this was the best plan of action for his son, saying,

“If this is the extreme that we have to go to, then that’s what we’ll do, because whatever he needs done is what’s best for him…”

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