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Shocking : See Why a Man Buried His 10-Year-Old Daughter Alive


A man from Tripura, India was arrested for trying to bury his 10-year-old daughter alive right at the backyard of their home.

Abdul Hussein – the father, was accused of tying up and taping his young daughter’s mouth before burying her in the ground while his wife was not home. According to police sources the reason behind Abdul’s cruel action is because he despise the kid for being a girl.

The alleged dug a pit in his backyard, put his daughter in the hole with her hands tied together and her mouth taped up, and then filled up the pit to chest level, with her arms and head above the dirt floor.

But the crime was interrupted because his wife returned home. Abdul then covered his daughter’s head using a bamboo basket, with the intent to bury the girl later.

However his suspicious wife began to question where the little kid was, and sooner raised an alarm. Neighbors nearby come for help and sooner discovered and rescued the halfly-buried girl in the pit. Rescuers then beat the suspect and later informed the police.

Hussein was then arrested, and now facing charges of attempted murder.

Watch the shocking video below:

Sometimes people are committing crimes just because they don’t like something. This should serve as a lesson to those heartless people out there to think clearly before making such cruel actions. Children should be love and taken care of, not to be beaten up and buried to death.



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