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After Reading This, You’ll Surely Want To Take Away This Baby From This Reckless Woman

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No matter how cool motorcycle is, riding it needs full concentration of the driver because a simple mistake could end up six feet below. And this video of a woman riding a motorcycle on a busy traffic with one hand on the bike and the other holding a baby is absolutely insane!

The video showed a woman on a motorcycle while the baby she’s holding dangles on her side as she wait to cross the street.


Then the worst thing happens…mom

As soon as she was able to cross the street, another motorcycle passed by and hit the front wheel of her vehicle. The woman and the baby were sent flying, luckily they flew towards the sidewalk and she manages to maintain her grip on the baby as they fall.

This incident is believed to have happened somewhere in Bolivia, poor baby!

Watch the video:

It is unsure if the woman is the mother, but whether she is or not, she is definitely out of her mind. She must have thought of the consequences first, before choosing to travel with the baby in this manner. What can you say about her actions? Share your thoughts below.

Via: Asian Town

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