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This Baby Fell From The 2ndFloor Of A Building, What Happens Next Will shock you

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This is the heart-stopping moment when a 14-month-old baby falls from a second floor of a building but miraculously survives.

A CCTV footage shows the baby, identified as Helena Beatrice Nascimento, fell from a town-center building in Fortaleza, Brazil.

baby falls from 2nd floor 1

That impact of the fall was so great that she was pushed forward. Apparently, the baby was sleeping by the window before she fell.

Shockingly, just moments later, she lifted her head and stood up as if nothing has happened.

baby falls from 2nd floor 2

A man then approached the toddler, but he himself was left in awe by how the baby survived such fall.

baby falls from 2nd floor 3

In the later part of the video, it can be seen a woman, maybe her mom, came to get her. Helena suffered a few cuts and one bruise from the fall.

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