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Please Help !!! My Newly Wedded Wife Urinates On Bed Everyday


Fellow readers

Please Help A Brother…I newly married this beautiful young lady in her late 30’s, and was shocked with what i saw with my eyes the first night of our wedding,she ended up messing up my newly purchased bed which i bought to appease our marital life,Had i known she was a baby adult,i wouldn’t have gone into this marriage with her…No wonder she wouldn’t agree to sleepover at my place while we were dating,,,i never knew there was a skeleton in her cupboard.After i noticed the drained bed on our first night together,She ended up giving an excuse that maybe she had drank so much water during the day/stressful day. Ever since, she as been urinating on the bed, We end up going to spread our bed outside everyday to get heated by sun…I believe our neighbors would have started suspecting something of such nature due to the usual sunning of the bed….Fellow Nairalanders, I love this lady and i cant afford to loose her..Our marriage is just a week old..

Please Advise me on what to do because i am really out of my mind presently…..

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