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Ladies, If Your Boyfriend Dumps You, Take His Phone and Do This… Girl Advises Other Females

Obviously worried by the spate of breakups in recent times, a girl has given other ladies an advise on what to do if they get dumped.

Uzoma Precious

A young lady identified as Uzoma Precious has caused quite a stir on Facebook.
Precious got people talking after sharing her opinion on what girls should do if a man dumps them.
According to her, if a man dumps a woman, she should make sure she does not end up being the only one who would feel the pain.
Precious said any lady who gets dumped should simply take her man’s phone and call his mother then tell the woman he is dead.
This way, the pain will be shared by not just the lady whose heart is broken but also by his mother. 
Below is how Precious put her advice.
Precious’ post has caused a division among her followers with some agreeing with her and others simply blasting her for asking people to give innocent mothers undeserved heartaches.

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