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Just To be Popular : Female Student releases her own S.ex Video


A student of the University of Cape Coast in Ghana, Nana Abena Korkor Addo, whose se x video went viral has revealed interesting details after the ordeal that nearly ruined her life.

She revealed how  she was the one that leaked her own se x video on social media, blaming it on mental ailment.

According to Nana Abena, her bipolar disorder caused her to leak the explicit video showing her pri vate parts on social media.

In a candid interview with Adom News on Friday, November 18, Nana Abena said before the se x video was released, she was aspiring to be the SRC president.

The release of the s ex video crashed her dreams and nearly forced her to lose her life. In the controversial video, she was filmed stri pping and dancing seductively in the presence of a female friend while revealing her pri vate parts.

The video generated a lot of controversy given the position she was vying for in school.

Many thought it was rather her competitors in the race for the SRC President position who might have leaked the video to thwart her chances of winning the election.

However, Nana Abena Korkor Addo shocked everyone when she admitted to posting the explicit video herself. But years after the incident, the repentant lady said her action was due to her mental condition diagnosed by doctors at the Accra psychiatric hospital.

She however noted that, through the positive encouragement from family, students and faculty at UCC while on admission, she has been able to recover.

Nana Abena who was then in her final year said she had to repeat because the condition adversely affected her academic performance.

She also appealed to young women not to ever attempt recording themselves when naked since “you might not know what would happen to it”.

See the video below:

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