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See Why Men lose interest in certain Women after having S.ex them


Why do some men lose interest in certain women after having se x? I guess you’ve also asked yourself this question countless times..

I get many messages from women who say that they are unhappy because their men left them for good few days or weeks after having se x.

This problem begins with the lack of understanding of the way men think.
A woman will chase a man if she likes him (in most cases) but a man can chase a woman for different reasons. A man might be chasing you because he likes you or just because he wants to have se x.

I get many messages from many confused women who tell me that some men send them messages and say that they love them then do the opposite and i usually reply saying that many men will do whatever it takes just to reach the goal of having se x.

In other words many women are too naive to realize that some men can lie, act as if they have emotions and make up so many stories just to end up having se x.

While most women usually have the goal of bonding with a partner that they love, many men seek se x and nothing else.

Now, the question is; Why do some men lose interest in women after having se x?

At this point you may have guessed that men who lose interest after having se x are the ones who wanted nothing but se x and that’s correct.

But the question is, why do those men lose interest and start chasing other women?

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