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Photos : A Restaurant In Nigeria Where Snake Pepper soup Is Served…

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Things are starting to change as Nigerians are starting to explore the snake markets. There is a local snake market in Badagry where all the lovers of snake meat converge to buy their fat, big, long and thin snakes. It is amazing that Nigerians would turn to these slithering animals for business and food. The snake market has gained its popularity as people from far and near breeze in and out to buy snakes. Snake meat pepper soup is being eaten and sold in some bars and restaurants in Lagos, the most populous city in Nigeria. A restaurant owner said she opted for the business because she wanted to do something different from the norm. She opened a restaurant which serves snakes in different forms to the customers.

The hilarious and exciting part of the business is that customers are given the opportunity to point to the snake they want to eat before it is being killed. This means that live snakes are being kept around the restaurant the same way fishes are being bred around bars and restaurants. Snakes are now being sold life, dried or as pepper soup in some of these bars and restaurants. According to the snake dealers, they get their supply from Jankara market and Badagry snake market. There is a high demand for snake meat both locally and internationally so the business is an enterprising one to the dealers.

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