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Must Read : See What Your Feet Says About Your Life


The shape of a foot can reveal a person’s characteristic traits and even provide information about his/her state of mind and health.

In terms of shape, there are four different types of feet that determine the way we are. Let’s see what this is all about.


This refers to a foot with a slightly obtuse, in which the length of the toes, including the first or big toe, is almost the same, giving rise to a form similar to that of a rectangle.It is also called ‘Giselle’ or ‘Peasant Foot’ and is characteristic of those who like to ponder and relentlessly examine every decision, always weighing up the positive and negative aspects.

In this case, it refers to individuals who never go with the flow and always decide based on a set of principles, therefore being very practical in their choices. These people are reliable and secure, who always finish what they set out to do.


Also called “Fire Foot” or ‘Greek Foot’, it is characterized by the presence of aFeet are a reflection of your personality narrower second toe (long toe) than the rest of the toes, which protrudes from the toe axis. The fingers are spread apart and create a shape that is similar to that of a triangle. Someone who possesses feet such as this is an active, sporting and creative individual, who loves movement and is characterized by a strong enthusiasm.This person can also encourage and motivate those around him.

On the other hand, this individual is also very impulsive, which can occasionally lead to excessive stress for himself and those around him.


Also known as the ‘Roman Foot’, this is characteristic of someone with a Feet are a reflection of your personality balanced and well-proportioned body shape and it is typical of someone who has an extrovert and sociable nature. The owner is always ready to learn new things and to engage in innovative intellectual experiences. This is a distinguishing feature of travellers, which is why it is sometimes called the “foot of air”. This is to say that the owner has light feet, with toes and big toe in proportion to each other so that the feet are aerodynamic.

He who owns this foot loves to discover new cultures, always enhancing and enriching his own. In this case, excessive safety can become an issue as the owner turns to excessive pride or eccentricity in his behaviour.


With an elongated, tight shape, this foot features toes that are fused togetherFeet are a reflection of your personality and a big toe that tapers toward the top. This foot has a rather delicate and subtle shape, denoting dreamer and an idealist spirit. The “Water Foot” or ‘Egyptian Foot’ belongs to those who cherish their private life and are full of hidden aspects, without feeling the urge to look reality in the face.

We are dealing with someone who often changes mood, rebelling to everyday life and denoting certain impulsiveness.

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