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If You See These White Spots On Your Nails, You Should See A Doctor Immediately

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Have you ever had your fingers get hit by something, or slammed in a door and a week or so later you find these weird white spots coming out of your nail bed?

That’s some normal nail damage; but if you see them fairly often or if they don’t go away like they should, you could be dealing with something you never even expected.

No Protein or Zinc in Your Diet

There’s an easy trick to tell which one you need to get more of – if there are some white streaks spread across every nail you have, you’re missing some zinc in your life, and if the white streaks extend horizontally up to your nail bed it means you need some protein!

Fungal Superficial Onychomycosis

Any white spots on the toes could mean you’re plagued by a fungus, psoriasis or even eczema, and that’s not very attractive. Get it checked out!

Anemic? Liver Disease? Kidney Disease?
While it is rare, any spots in your nails could be a sign of things like cirrhosis of the liver, or even hepatitis.

There are seven distinct signs of sarcoidosis, and one of those signs are those little white spots on your nails!

Problems with Your Thyroid?
Thyroid Gland Problems
Along with those little white dots in your nails, if they’re also soft you could be suffering from a condition known as “Plumber’s Nail”. This unfortunately indicates that you could have a potential problem with your thyroid, and it’s definitely something you want to fix!

It May Just Be Allergies!

Make sure you check what all is in the nail products you use, because the fact of the matter is that you could simply be allergic to something in them. It really could be that simple.

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