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Do you agree ? See the Reasons Why Men Are Better Than Women

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Men are still better than women in many important categories and endeavors of life. Let me count the ways:

1) Men can reach the top shelf. And not just in the kitchen. They can reach up there in the garage, the basement, even in your clothes closet.

2) Men can unscrew a new jar of jelly or olives or any other jar from the grocery store that is screwed down so tight it takes a real — shall I say it? — man to open the damn thing.

3) Men offer a lot of advice — all for free.

4)  Men know how to gamble. I’m not saying they know how to win, just that they know how to gamble.

5)  Men have incredible focus and an unbelievable attention span. I mean, have you ever tried to watch a baseball game, or a golf match, all the way through? They can play a violent video game for 6 or 8 hours, without stopping.

6)  Men have an understated but always-appreciated social skill involving — as my friend Joe the golfer likes to say — the ability to “grace you with the gift of their absence,” especially on a Saturday or Sunday during golf season.

7)  Men can fix things. Well, some men can fix things. Other men try to fix things, then after they break them, they know how to call in the expert. Either way, they care of the mechanical things in your life.

8) As politicians prove over and over again, men can yell louder than women, they can interrupt more often, and they have the ability to completely ignore what that the other person is saying.

9) Men do yard work . . . at least, as long as they can use some kind of heavy machinery.

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