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Photos : See the Very Handsome Young Man Who ‘Impregnated’ a Goat

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This handsome young man who is assumed to be from a remote village in Jamaica has opened up on his obsession with goats which has prompted him to regularly have s*x with one.
This young man has bared his mind on his passion for goats which he relates with freely. In a brief interview that also sought the opinions of his close friends that confirmed his ‘madness’, he confessed boldly to having s*x with one of his goats which he has reportedly impregnated after frequent s*x without shame in public.
He reiterated that all his life, he has wanted to be a goat and live among the domestic animal. Towards the end of the video, the handsome man whose state of sanity remains unknown demonstrated making love to his goat lover.
It is not clear if this is a hoax or publicity stunt which has become the trend adopted by youths to draw media attention to themselves.
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