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Photos : Pretty Air Hostess Sends Rich Man Her N.aked Photos After Begging for S*x and Money

Qatar-Hostess-Main (1)
A gorgeous Kenyan air hostess has been exposed after she sent her n*ked and provocative photos to a rich airline client begging him to have s*x with her for money.
A pretty Kenyan air hostess has become the topic for discussion on social media after she was exposed by a rich client of the airline she was begging to have s*x with her for money and job favours.
She even went to the extent of sending him her n*ked and erotic photos.
According to Kenyan media, the man boarded a plane in Doha, Qatar and had the misfortune of bumping into a wily, Kenyan seductress who works for Qatar airways. It was not hard for her to get his information, including his phone number which was present in his travel documents that she was privy to.
Immediately the plane landed, the girl, identified as Mercy, hatched a plan of milking the man dry – she was willing to give him an express trip to her private parts. The man instead of accepting the favours, decided to teach her a lesson by exposing contents of their chats.

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