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Nigerians : See What the way you sleep In the Night says About your life


Most of our communication is none verbal right? This goes to say that even while we are asleep, we give off messages about ourselves that we are not even aware of. According to a recent study, your sleeping position tells a lot about your personality traits. Here are  six basic sleeping positions and what they say about you:

The Fetal position:  This is the most common sleeping style obtainable. According to research, 41% of people take this sleeping style. This style involves sleeping in a fetal position,  curled up on your side with your knees drawn up to your mid region.  Sleepers  in this category  tend to be sensitive and shy though they present a tough exterior to the world.

The Solider position: This position involves sleeping on your back with your arms flat on your back. This is an  indication of  a reserved personality  but with high standards and principles.

The Starfish Position:  Lying on your back with arms outstretched  indicates an open personality. This individual prefers to be in the background but they enjoy having a good time with friends.

The Freefall Position:  The face down  position as it is popularly known involves lying flat on one’s stomach  with arms under head . This personality trait shows a gregarious person who might be extremely sensitive and shy of criticism.

The Log Position:  Stretched out on one’s side with arms on the side shows  a social, easy going personality.

The Yearner: This position also lying on the side with arms stretched outward. This  is slightly similar to the log position but different in personality traits from the log position. The yearner is a highly suspicious and critical person.

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