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Kenneth Okonkwo Denies Affairs With Mercy Johnson

Nigerian actor, Kenneth Okonkwo recently shocked fans by giving up why too many information about his s.ex life.

In a recent interview, the actor who was rumoured to be in an intimate affair with star actress Mercy Johnson, brags about his se.xual prowess and shed some light on his relationship with Mercy Johnson.

On his relationship with Mercy Johnson, he says; “That is funny and do you know why? Before Mercy Johnson was born, or should I say when she was still in kindergarten, I had already started kissing ladies in movies. So she met me still doing it. Why would her own be different?

When you match her good acting skills and my exceptional skills, it come out natural and people would end up saying is there something going on between us? Mercy Johnson is like a sister to me, I am close to her and her husband so it makes me laugh when anybody talks about Mercy and me in anyway. There can never be a fling between a brother and a sister. We are only professional colleagues.

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