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Another Nollywood scandal : N.aked pictures of Upcoming actress Leaked by a Director


Leaked n ude pictures of an upcoming actressLYMA OREFEKO who played the role of SHEWAin the online photo-novel FAME & LUV has gone viral.

The pictures were released by someone believed to be a close ally to the cast and crew of the series but wishes to maintain anonymity.

After celeb police investigated the authenticity of the picture, fillers have it that the pictures could have been taken by the director of the movie who is said to have been seen around the actress by some members of the casts and crew.

With this recent revelation, one would want to ask why the director or whoever is behind the camera would take nude pictures of this budding actress and why the innocent lady in question would allow her n ude pictures to be taken.

Celeb Police is currently investigating the story with Case Name: FAME & LUV SCANDAL/01 and we promise to bring you full details as situations unfold.

More pictures below:



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