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Photo : See The Reason why This Bride Married Her Dead Groom At His Funeral

A young woman has married her dead fiancé after he died of a sudden heart attack. The marriage ceremony, took place in the district of Phanom Sarakham in central Thailand’s Chachoengsao with friends and family gracing the occasion.

The 27-year-old bride, Nan Thippharat, shared the wedding photos on her facebook page.She wrote about her late groom Fiat;

“I dreamed of our wedding. I saw us holding hands. Rest in peace. I love you, Fiat. Please know that our dream has come true.”

“It was my way of paying tribute to him in this life because I know one day we will be together for eternity in the next one.

“I loved him with all my heart and I couldn’t bear it when he was taken from me. He looked splendid on his wedding day – I know he would have liked it.”

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