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Photos : See the S.ex Position that Got Nigerians Talking on Facebook

Some pleasure experts have painted a strange s*x position to spice up some private moments between lovers.

The S*xy Spread
The Reverse Cowgirl and Cowgirl move are one of the most fun s*x positions because she gets to take control while he can last as long as possible. Today’s s*x position takes things up a notch and improves on the fun.
The s.ex position of the day is: The S*xy Spread

How it’s done:

He lies flat on his back, she then climbs on top of him and slowly starts to spread her legs out as far as she can get them. Then she places her hands on his chest and rocks back and forth.

Why it’s hot:

The wider apart she get her legs, the deeper the penetration for the pleasure of both partners.

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