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Please advice me : My Husband Wants Me to Have S.ex With His Boss So That He Can Have Promotion

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A woman has told a stunning story about an unbelievable thing that her husband is asking her to do for him.
The woman shared her story on yoanwers, a relationship site.
She explained that her husband has asked her to have s*x with his boss for promotion.
This of course, has left her horrified.
Below is how she put the story:
My name is Mellisa and I am staying in Joburg, South Africa.
My husband works for a popular bank and I cannot specify where but the thing is he approached me last week and made a really difficult and crazy request.
He first asked if I would be happy to live a better life and move to a new and bigger house.
Obviously my answer was yes and so he went on. He said the only way for him to get a promotion was if I give his manager and boss s*x for 24 hours at the Hilton Hotel.
He asked me to just have s*x with his boss and he will be promoted and then we will have a better life.
My immediate response was ‘No!’ but he is pushing and pushing. He even promised to buy me a car that I wanted, a Jeep Cherokee.
He says his boss fancies me because I am beautiful.
I don’t know what to do. He is getting quite angry with my refusal.
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