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Please Advice me : Our Gate Man Broke My Virginity , I Think Am I Love With him


I feel like having s*x with my cousin! I’m s.ex starved!

Dear admin…. Am Judith, 19years and still a student, my parents are always busy coz my dad is a senator and my mum is a Bank manager, am writing this coz I actually want the admin to hook me up with someone. But before that, allow me make this little confession, most times am always home alone watching TV all day and surfing the net, I got addicted to porn and since then my s*x appetite rose high, I always wanted to have s4x with someone but no one was around to help me.

so one day I stood at the balcony as I watch the gate man move around, I thought of inviting him to the house to have s*x with me, but I was so scared, the urge grew stronger that I had to invite him inside, when he came in,I went to my room and came out naked begging him to make love to me, at first he refused but I held him close and he finally agreed on one condition that I shouldn’t tell my mum.

He disvirgined me and that’s how I started having s*x. The gate man continued using me for almost a year until wen my mum caught us; she jailed him & said she won’t get a new one until she has sent me abroad for further education. since then its almost a year now I’ve not had s.ex, even the dildo my mum bought for me isn’t doing anything, am really s*x starved.

Can’t mummy see that am now grown and I need freedom?? Gosh my cousin seems to be the only guy coming around, am already getting attracted to him but I don’t know how to go about it

Or do you think there’s another way out coz it seems am a nymph, am worried that no man will be able to satisfy me at just a tender age of 19. Will it be wise for me to just have s.ex with my cousin and end this depression???Ad­vice me please!!!

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