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Man Caught His Wife Cheating With 7 Men, Forces Her To Walk N.aked On The Street As Punishment


It’s a common knowledge that when you get married your “body” belongs to your spouse – a view exclusively for him or her. But one woman enjoys sharing her n.aked pictures with other men, got busted and had to deal with the humiliating consequence that her husband bestowed upon her.

Apparently, the husband discovered his wife had been messaging multiple men and sending them na.ked pictures of her. As a punishment, the woman was made to walk n.aked through the street of New York.

The video shows the woman walking on the street in towel and boots while the husband films the shocking scene.

wife punished 3

The man can be heard saying, “Say hi to the camera and say why you’re doing this. Take off your towel and pay the price for the shame I feel after telling you how pretty you were and that I wanted to start a family with you, but in the meantime you were talking to seven other men.”

Eventually the husband pulls the towel away leaving his wife completely n.aked.

wife punished e

“You’re going to pay the price like a wh*re, right there in the rubbish. Since you’re a wh*re, pose like a wh*re. Pose with your rubbish. Now everybody can see.” he added.

The woman tried desperately to cover herself between cars, but the damage was already done.

wife punished f

However, some have thought that the clip is just a stunt and the information stated alongside the video has not been verified.

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